Kristy Fleming

Kristy is a graduate of American Academy of Art in Chicago with a BFA in Illustration.  Her work consists of mediums that vary between charcoal, colored pencils, digital, and watercolor.  She enjoys doing photo-realistic drawings of people that tell a story.  Most of her artwork has dark subject matter but are depicted using bright colors to explore the contrast between dark and light.  As an artist, she has always loved doing illustrative art and editorial pieces that incorporate people into them.  Academically, her extensive course work at the Academy has allowed her to gain an understanding and appreciation for traditional art.  She has many traditional media skills, as well as some digital media abilities.  She loves incorporating people into her art and creating illustrations based on things that inspire her.  She is most inspired by pop culture (television, music, etc.) because she love stories and using illustration as a form of story-telling.  Kristy is enthusiastic about life drawing and traditional art as well as illustration and editorial work.  She would love to do book cover design, interior book illustration, editorial illustration, and product design.  She tries to find things that inspire her every day as an artist and creative person in general.  This is her portfolio including work from 2010 to today. 


kflemingillustration at yahoo dot com